East Texas Live Edge Slab Wood

Wood Slabs are our business. We search for the best “found” sources of Texas Live Edge Slab Wood in East Texas. We never cut down beautiful old trees! We save trees from being turned into firewood or worse yet, burned in a heap in a field. We care about the Earth and its beautiful gifts and we are proud to bring you the highest quality live edge slab wood in the South.

Wood Slabs for Home or Office

We have live edge slab wood near Tyler TX. We can arrange to deliver your choice live edge slab wood to your door or you are welcome to come pick it up. We encourage everyone to come put their eyes and hands on the special piece of wood they are going to bring into their home or office. Come see how these majestic live edge slabs feel so alive.

Finished Live Edge Slab Wood

Yes, we can finish your live edge slab wood in a variety of ways. Please remember we are happy to finish both sides in any way you prefer. If you want a completely finished slab, we’ll finish your slab wood. Your slab will arrive as a polished work of natural art, ready to install.

Slab wood finishing offers many choices. We love working with and finishing wood so if you don’t see something here on our list, please reach out and ask. We don’t keep secrets; we just do quality work.

We can sand it to any grade. Anything from 60 grit “removes the saw marks” to “baby’s butt” smooth.

Hand Rubbed Oil Finish

After careful sanding, your slab will receive a hand-rubbed oil and wax finish using premium finishes. We can add tints or stains to modify the color or tone of your live edge slab wood for that custom finished look, or we can keep it as natural as possible and simply preserve its natural beauty.

Epoxy Coat Finish

We use premium epoxy to seal and preserve your live edge slab wood. We can give it that “always wet” look that is so popular in boardrooms and dining rooms all over the country.

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