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Live Edge Pine Slab Wood – Yellow Pine Slab Wood

Pine Slab Wood is in stock at Live Edge Texas Slab Wood

For Pine Live Edge Slab Wood near me, you have come to the right place. Lets talk Pine: we may have any of these varieties. Call anytime if you are looking for something special. We love to talk wood! In East Texas, you may hear it called Yellow Pine Slab Wood.

Longleaf Pine Live Edge Slab Wood

Longleaf pines grow mainly in the east and withstand the diverse weather conditions there. Longleaf pine, longleaf yellow pine, southern yellow pine, hard pine, longstraw pine, hill pine, pitch pine, and heart pine are all common names. Longleaf pines have the longest needles and have the largest cones of all Texas pines. They can reach 125 feet in height. A longleaf pine will remain small and seem not to grow for three to 25 years. During this time, it is growing a deep taproot.

Shortleaf Pine Live Edge Slab Wood

Shortleaf is another type of eastern Texas pine. It grows in slopes and hills or upland woods or fields. It won’t grow with the loblolly pines. It can grow to 100 feet in height. Shortleaf is the most cold-tolerant of the native pines.

Loblolly Pine Live Edge Slab Wood

Loblolly pines are the most common pine tree in Texas and found mostly in eastern Texas. However, insects and diseases can harm this tree. They don’t require a lot of water and can withstand soil with a higher pH, as compared to most pines. They are the fastest-growing native pines in Texas, even though their needles are not long, only up to 9 inches in length. The loblolly goes by a few names: loblolly, rosemary pine, bull pine, and oldfield pine. Originally, loblolly pine, known officially as Pinus taeda, was commonly found along banks of streams in virgin forests of Texas. This fast-growing tree species is now the dominant pine across the state and is considered to be the most commercially valuable of the southern pines.

Slash Pine Live Edge Slab Wood

A large, fast-growing pine to 100 feet tall and a trunk to 3 feet in diameter, conical when young and having a rounded, open crown with age. Slash Pine grows well on a variety of acidic soils in full sun or partial shade. It does poorly in soil with a high pH, or where irrigation water has a high pH. Once established, it is more tolerant of wet sites than most other Pines and is moderately salt-tolerant. It is not highly drought-tolerant but more so than most other Pines. The horizontal branches break easily in ice storms. Since shaded lower branches die and drop as the tree grows taller, be careful not to plant them too close to high traffic areas where branches could fall on people or vehicles unless there is a regular maintenance plan to remove them.

Slash Pine Live Edge Slab Wood near me is native to the U.S. coast from South Carolina to eastern Louisiana, it has been widely planted in East Texas, and as a landscape tree in urban areas from Dallas to Houston. It prefers acid soils and develops many health problems on alkaline soils.

The dark green, lustrous needles are in bundles of 2, sometimes 3, and are from 5″ to 10″ long and fairly stiff. The spiral arrangement on the new twigs gives each branch a “bottlebrush” or “foxtail” appearance. Conelets appear in late winter, the male ones purplish-brown, about 1″ long or more, containing the yellow pollen. Female conelets are pink, on short stalks. A woody cone, usually 4″ to 6″ long, brown and glossy, the thin scales armed with sharp, fine prickles. The bark is up to 2″ thick on older trees, the bark breaks into broad, flat, reddish or orange-brown plates with dark furrows. Slash Pine Live Edge Slab Wood will exhibit hard, durable, coarse-grained, dark orange color, with thick, nearly white sapwood.

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