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Live Edge White Oak Wood Slabs from Texas

White Oak is one of the most popular and long-lived shade trees, which grows to 100 feet, with a wide, rounded crown, and with numerous horizontal branches. Bark light gray, shallow furrows forming scaly ridges or plates. For white oak live edge slab wood near me, you will find it here.

White oak is one of the most important species in the white oak group. The wood is used for furniture, flooring, and as wine and whiskey barrels. White Oak was used for shipbuilding throughout history. It continues to be displaced in the market place by several species of red oaks. Acorns are a favorite food source for birds, squirrels, and deer. It was used as medication by Native Americans.

White Oak Live Edge Slab Wood has a rich history.

White oak creates large forests or dense shade tree areas while growing to its 100 feet tall and a trunk to 3 feet or more in diameter, with a broad, rounded crown of dense foliage. Open grown specimens often develop a short trunk and far-reaching limbs.

Found throughout East Texas and west to the Brazos River, growing best on fertile slopes but also on drier uplands or gravelly ridges, the majestic white oak is always appreciated for its shade and acorns for game.

White Oak’s leaves display simple, alternate, 6″ to 9″ long structures and about half as wide, deeply divided into 7 to 11 rounded, finger­like lobes without bristle tips. Young leaves are a soft silvery-gray or reddish while unfolding, later becoming blue-green, dull above and very pale gray-green below. An acorn, requiring one season to mature, is usually 1″ long, light brown, and about one-fourth enclosed in a warty bowl-shaped cup.

The bark is smooth and red-brown on young trees, quickly developing white to ash-gray scales that ultimately form broad, loose plates. Old trees develop dark, thin ridges and deep fissures.

White Oak Slab Wood with a Live Edge

White Oak Wood characteristics are good enough to float your boat or hold your wine. Heavy, strong, hard, tough, close-grained, durable, and light brown, its uses include construction, watertight barrels, furniture, wagons, tool handles, cabinets, flooring, and fuelwood along with giant live wood slabs for your home or office.

One Difference between Red Oak and White Oak

Oaks can be separated into two main groups: white oaks and red oaks. While oak wood is often used to make barrels of many kinds, only wood from the white oak group can be used for watertight barrels because the pores in its wood are blocked by structures called “tyloses” that don’t allow liquids to leak out.

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